Home Sports Betting Stay Away From These Potential Upsets of the FIFA 2022 World Cup!

Stay Away From These Potential Upsets of the FIFA 2022 World Cup!

Stay Away From These Potential Upsets of the FIFA 2022 World Cup!

This article will discuss future upsets and the most recent upsets of the FIFA 2022 World Cup to give you an idea!



In Qatar, the World Cup, Denmark is now ranked as the ninth favorite to win the tournament. The Danes cruised through their World Cup qualification group, finishing with 27 points overall. They played 10 matches and scored 30 goals while only allowing 3 goals to be scored against them. This includes a victory away against Austria by the score of 4-0 and a victory at home against Israel by the score of 5-0. No other country in Europe could score more points than they did, with only Germany managing to match their total despite competing in a far easier group.



Serbia finished their World Cup qualification group undefeated and top with 20 points in seven matches, including a stunning away win against Portugal. However, because they qualified automatically for the World Cup in Qatar, they left Portugal to proceed through the playoffs. Brazil, Switzerland, and Cameroon are all in group G, giving the Serbians a challenging group. If they can go beyond their group, they could get a second chance to play Portugal, who they lost to in their first qualifying games.

The Biggest Upset of 2022 FIFA World Cup:


Saudi Arabia Beats Argentina:


The encounter between Argentina and Saudi Arabia in the FIFA World Cup 2022 is, without a doubt going to be one of the most anticipated games of the tournament. In what appeared to be a regular Group Stage encounter on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, Saudi Arabia and Argentina squared against one another.

No one anticipated such an outcome, leaving a group of players on a squad captained by the legendary Lionel Messi devastated. It is hard to fathom that a team rated 51st in FIFA would be able to overcome a top-tier football side like Argentina, but that is exactly what happened in this year’s World Cup.

Japan Beats Germany:


Following Saudi Arabia’s humiliation of Argentina, another shocker was in Qatar in 2022. Japan somehow returned from a goal down at halftime against Germany to claim a historic 2-1 victory over Hansi Flick’s team. When Ilkay Gundogan’s penalty placed the Germans ahead, second-half goals from Ritsu Doan and Takuma Asano – oddly, both play their club leagues in Germany – capped a spectacular comeback. Indeed, it is the first match in World Cup history that Japan has come back from a goal down to win. What a scene, what an upheaval!

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